Gadsme enters the in-game ads market

First company to enable CPC, CPA and CPI performance campaigns

Gadsme enters the in-game ads market

Gadsme has entered the in-game ads market in a big way as it becomes the first platform to enable CPC, CPA and CPI performance campaigns.

As such, Gadsme offers all advertisers the opportunity to utilise performance-based campaigns.

Moreover, the company has a roadmap in place that has been designed to enable the company to build upon its platform.

Therefore, brands will see a greater return on investment (ROI), while games developers could see an increase in revenues.

"We know the fundamental importance for advertisers, especially in the gaming world, is to have a performance element to their campaigns," said Gadsme CEO and co-founder Guillaume Monteux.

"And we know those performance campaigns will drive the game studios' return up. This is why we launched 'in-scene clickable ads'. The first of its kind."


When it comes to in-game advertising, it has become more and more important to not disrupt the player experience. As such, Gadsme kept this in mind when creating its platform.

The company has embraced clickable advertising, a world first, that allows brands to target their perfect audience. Moreover, a range of solutions such as data collection will enable companies to measure their success.

"Any ad that is clicked triggers the App stores or a browser to appear over the game, but the game is auto-paused behind, meaning the player never leaves the game," Said Gadsme CTO and co-founder Luc Vauvillier.

"They simply complete their action - install a game or sign-up for a new offer - and they're straight back into the game, which naturally continues to play, exactly where they left off.

"This mirrors the exact same process of any current mobile gaming Ad, which we knew would be important for continuity."

Change is coming

Due to Apple's incoming IDFA changes and its App Tracking Transparency, developers will seek alternative solutions.

"It's very clear the gaming industry needed a new advertising format. One that is sympathetic to players and that finally appeals to both brand and performance advertisers," said Gadsme CRO and co-founder Simon Spaull.

"Of course, it's early days for in-scene advertising and evolution takes time, but we strongly believe 2021 will be a pivotal moment. Not only for Gadsme but the entire industry."

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