EA is bringing Battlefield to mobile in 2022

Developed by Industrial Toys

EA is bringing Battlefield to mobile in 2022

Electronic Arts has confirmed a new Battlefield mobile game is in development.

As detailed in a site update, the mobile variation on the first-person shooter franchise will come to smartphones and tablets in 2022.

DICE has been working on bringing Battlefield to mobile devices for some time.

The new game is to be developed in partnership with Industrial Toys, the US developer which was acquired by EA in 2018.

Industrial Toys was set up by Bungie co-founder Alex Seropian.

The game has now entered a testing period to prepare it for release next year.

To war

"Make no mistake. This is a standalone game. A completely different game from the one we're making for console and PC, designed specifically for the mobile platform," said DICE GM Oskar Gabrielson.

"It's being built from the ground up by iToys to make Battlefield-on-the-go a reality, and you can expect a fully-fledged, skill-based experience."

Recently, Electronic Arts' Apex Legends Mobile entered soft launch in India and the Philippines.

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