Overcoming the impact of IDFA: How to survive and thrive

Attend these must-see talks at PG Connects Digital #8

Overcoming the impact of IDFA: How to survive and thrive

At the start of the year, the mobile games industry was vehemently discussing the potential impact of Apple’s changes to Identified For Advertiser (IDFA) tracking data and the effect this could have on advertising, monetisation, user acquisition, and player retention.

Almost six months after the release of iOS 14.5, it’s time to reflect and explore how the industry has responded and adapted to these privacy updates and found new ways to overcome the challenges in a post-IDFA world.

Join us next week at PG Connects Digital #8 and tune in to these seven key talks to help you stay on top of the latest advertising trends and best practices, user acquisition tips, and modern monetisation methods.

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Monday, September 27

09:00 Strategies to Get Ready for iOS 15

  • Simon Thillay, AppTweak
  • Claudia Trujilo, Gameloft

11:00 Curated Panel: IDFA Effect' on UA Performance & New Changes for ASO

  • Anna Kochetkova, AppFollow (mod)
  • Idan Horenczyk, AppsFlyer
  • Alexey Gavrilov, AdQuantum
  • Pavel Naumenko, Helio Games

15:00 Superstar Session: How to Build a Player-centric Business Model (That's Resilient Enough for the Next Decade)

  • Sam Huber, Admix

16:00 Speed Panel: A Whole New Ballgame: How a Top Gaming App Publisher Tackled iOS 14+ & SKAdNetwork

  • Tamar Polak, AppsFlyer
  • Alex Cooper, AppsFlyer
  • Piyush Mishra, Product Madness
  • Eran Heres, CrazyLabs
  • Michal Prokop Grno, Pixel Federation

Tuesday, September 28

16:00 Balance Your Game’s Monetisation Mix for Greater Retention

  • Antonio Manuel Ribeiro, Facebook Audience Network
  • Yuthida Hun, Facebook Audience Network

16:30 Fireside Chat: Ad Monetisation - Best Practices with Wooga

  • Dylan Umali, HyprMX (mod)
  • Jan Pollack, Wooga

Wednesday, September 29

11:30 Panel: Creative Ways to Grow: Innovating in User Acquisition & Retention

  • Oscar Clark, Fundamentally Games (mod)
  • Alia Lassal, Wooga
  • Tsahi Liberman, Lightneer
  • Mikko Kähärä, Kukouri Mobile Entertainment

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