Tilting Point, Hilfiger Ventures and Brandible prepare to launch AI fashion game

FashionVerse will aim to leverage modern technology to scale the fashion world

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December 20th, 2023 partnership Tilting Point Not disclosed
Tilting Point, Hilfiger Ventures and Brandible prepare to launch AI fashion game

Publisher Tilting Point has partnered with Hilfiger Ventures to release a new interactive fashion game called FashionVerse.

Launching in January, the title will be available through Netfilx across iOS and Android devices.

As reported by Yahoo News, the title was developed by Brandible with the idea originating from American fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger.

Hilfiger Ventures has in turn invested in the project, as the designer seeks to scale fashion by leveraging modern technology and a community-based game.

Modern times, modern trends

When FashionVerse lands, players will be tasked with completing design challenges, crafting the perfect fashion sets, mood boards and more. Creations will be shareable and voted on by the community, with rewards up for grabs and new styles of clothing to unlock.

The latest trends will be discovered through AI technology, using real-world fashion brands as a reference point. Brandible is also utilising AI for its models, to provide players with photorealistic avatars to dress in lifelike props.

In the weeks following launch, promotional plans include a series of fortnight-long virtual "pop-ups", promising the reveal of "major fashion entertainment, art and beauty brands", as well as exclusive tracks from well-known musicians.

"Fashion fans are an incredibly underserved audience in the games space, so when Tommy approached us with the FashionVerse idea, we knew immediately this was a huge opportunity we couldn’t pass up," said Tilting Point founder and CEO Kevin Segalla.

"I can confidently say that FashionVerse will provide an unparalleled experience for our players, empowering them to explore their personal style and to connect with the fashion world in exciting new ways. We also can’t wait to host the many excellent brands set to become part of this interactive world."

Hilfiger added: "It’s been a life goal of mine to make fashion more accessible. Given how many people engage with fashion through their phones, I thought there has to be a way to bring everyone together into one community, providing a more immersive experience.

"Through working with Tilting Point and Brandible, I truly believe this collaboration on FashionVerse marks an exciting milestone in the convergence of fashion and gaming."

This isn't the first crossover between fashion and gaming, of course. H&M released a game within Roblox this year allowing players to create a virtual wardrobe and experiment with materials and patterns.

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