How to use irrational thinking to boost your IAP revenue by 335%

Imperia Online's COO explains it all

How to use irrational thinking to boost your IAP revenue by 335%

At Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2016, Cvetan Rusimov, COO of Imperia Online, gave a talk on "hacking" player's minds and using irrational thinking to sell IAPs.

He started by talking about cognitive illusions and the use of decoys, which trick people into thinking they're getting a better deal on a purchase and encourage them to pay more.

Don't get greedy

To put this in practice, Rusimov offered an IAP worth double the highest-value IAP for the same price, causing a 355% revenue increase.

The studio "got greedy" however, and tried the same with an even more expensive IAP, which led to a smaller revenue return due to numerous issues attempting to sell such an expensive IAP.

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