Interview Podcast Episode Two

Join the PocketGamer team for the second episode of the new PGbiz Podcast. Featuring special guest Ella Romanos, co-founder and CEO of Fundamentally Games Podcast Episode Two

Welcome back. Yes, it’s the second episode of the still new, but already legendary podcast.

From the top tech trends to the deep fundamental disruption taking place across the global mobile games market, the team pursues the pioneers, traps the tech titans and fearlessly hurdles the hypercasual hype all to bring you the news, analysis and insight you need.

In episode two, Brian and Jon discuss the growing value of funding deals and M&A madness within the global games market ($60 billion in 2021 so far), the ongoing phenomenon which is Pokémon GO (five years on and no signs of slowing down) and of course, the world’s top 50 mobile game creators - which you still have time to enter.

Introducing Ella

Our difficult second episode then considerably ramps up the awesome with our very special guest, Ella Romanos, the co-founder and CEO of live ops expert Fundamentally Games.

Ella shares her work in the games sector and discusses the ongoing evolution of live games, the way they differ from mere ‘online’ games and where the sector may be heading next.

You can also find out more about all of our forthcoming events, from this week's Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #7, to the Mobile Games Awards.

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Managing Editor

Brian has been working in the games industry since the mid-1990s, when he joined the legendary studio DMA Design, as a writer on the original Grand Theft Auto. Since then he's worked with major publishers, founded his own digital agency, helped numerous startups with PR, marketing, communications, narrative design, branding and making money.

Back in 2004 Brian created the Scottish Games Network, the industry body for the country's videogames sector. He also lectures at Napier University on the transformative power of interactive media on the creative industries, is a board member of Creative Edinburgh, and helps to organise games, tech and creative industries events.

In his spare time he plays videogames and is usually, proudly, at least one generation behind the cutting edge consoles.