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Adobe veteran Stefano Corazza appointed head of Roblox Studio

Corazza hopes to drive innovation on the platform

Adobe veteran Stefano Corazza appointed head of Roblox Studio

Former Adobe vice president and head of augmented reality Stefano Corazza has been appointed as Roblox's new head of Roblox Studio.

At Adobe, Corazza took charge of the company’s AR strategy, and helped drive content through the implementation of machine learning technology.

In his new role, Corazza will work with the company’s creator group to give developers the tools necessary to “build anything they dream up” within the metaverse platform.

"My passion has always been democratizing the creation of stories, games, film and immersive experiences,” said Corazza. “Roblox is the place with the largest audience of creators and the platform that made sharing these experiences the easiest.”

"I will have the privilege of leading the Roblox Studio team, the tool our creators use to build the Metaverse. Natively collaborative and multiplayer, with millions of users."

Roblox has become one of the largest names in the emerging metaverse, allowing content creators to easily create and sell products and games.

The platform has been home to numerous collaborations with people and companies from all manner of businesses and backgrounds, from supermodel Karlie Kloss to music streaming platform Spotify.

Game makers have begun to take notice of Roblox as a way to bring their titles to a wider audience, with Gamefam raising $25 million to develop and publish games on the platform, becoming the first professional company to do so.

The increasing profile of Roblox has led to development on the platform becoming a lucrative business opportunity, with the developers of one game on the platform founding Uplift Games following one of their titles topping 22 billion visits from users all the around the world, making it one of the biggest success stories of the platform thus far.

Last month, we listed Roblox as one of the top 50 mobile game makers of 2022.




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