Boom Beach burst helps keep Supercell at the top of the app tree

App Annie details iOS and Android apps in April

Boom Beach burst helps keep Supercell at the top of the app tree

It's business as usual on iOS and Android according to app store stats published by App Annie for the month of April, with familiar giants King and Supercell tussling it out at the top of the charts.

But, in terms of Supercell at least, it isn't just the usual suspects powering these major players to the top.

Boom Beach was released by Supercell back in March, but it wasn't until April that the release into the top five iOS games in terms of monthly downloads and revenue. In all, Supercell now has three games in the top ten list, with Clash of Clans and Hay Day also making their mark.

Though King also has three top ten games - Candy Crush Saga, Farm Heroes Saga, and, Pet Rescue Saga - it's Supercell that stands as the top iOS publisher in terms of monthly revenue.

Asian eye

Away from pure revenue stats, it's number puzzler and alleged Threes clone 2048 that took the honour of the most downloaded title on iOS in April.

Back in March 2048 managed to break into the top ten, but its popularity to continues to rise, topping the ranks in the US, China, and Italy throughout the course of April. The success of 2048 has also boosted publisher Ketchapp Studio, pushing up into third spot when it comes to iOS publishers.


Elsewhere, Asian giant Tencent also managed to surpass Puzzle & Dragons outfit GungHo Online, slipping past the studio to take third spot in terms of game revenue on iOS.

Tencent's rise can be largely attributed to its partnership with the WeChat platform – a mobile messaging service that recently expanded as a platform for casual games.

The Chinese firm has released several successful casual games on the platform, including Thunder Fighter, which managed to break into the top ten iOS games for both monthly revenue and downloads.


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