Supercell launches Brawl Stars globally

The next billion-dollar mobile hit?

Supercell launches Brawl Stars globally

Supercell is rolling out Brawl Stars globally today across the App Store and Google Play, becoming only its fifth-ever live game.

Brawl Stars is a 3v3 real-time multiplayer brawler that includes various modes such as Gem Grab, Bounty, Showdown, Heist, Brawl Ball and other special limited time events.

The worldwide release comes after 544 days in soft launch, during which the title faced significant changes to its design.

Ready to rumble

The Finnish developer invited more than 70 content creators to its Helsinki HQ for a chance to meet with the development teams across its portfolio of games and celebrate the launch together. It's been almost three years since the company last released a game.

A select few content creators were also given the chance to push the ‘launch button’ for various territory releases.

YouTubers hit the first launch button

Being only Supercell’s fifth launch - it’s a studio famed for killing games it doesn’t think will be massive hits - shows confidence from the team that it has significant potential on the global market.

Speaking yesterday at Supercell’s Helsinki studio, Brawl Stars community manager Ryan Lighton said Supercell had “never prepared more for a game launch”. has been given an all-access pass to the launch and Supercell’s Helsinki studio. We’ll be giving you a full look at the inner workings of the world's most famous mobile games company soon.

Full disclosure: Supercell has paid for our flights and accommodation. Our coverage remains neutral.

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