Thanks to Vulkan, Call of Duty: Mobile will aim for 60 fps on Android

Breakdown from Unite Copenhagen 2019

Thanks to Vulkan, Call of Duty: Mobile will aim for 60 fps on Android

Call of Duty: Mobile will target a frame rate between 57 to 60 per second on Android mobile.

That’s according to Samsung Electronics principal engineer Jungwoo Kim and gamedev engineer Anton Syniavskyi, who showcased the information during the pair’s talk at Unite Copenhagen 2019 on bringing the popular shooter to mobile.

The game uses the Vulkan graphics standard from Khronos, which is optimised for most mobile and streaming platforms. Apple's iOS uses the company's own proprietary Metal tech.

Features such as a single scratch buffer, threaded present, direct buffer access and render pass load/store all contribute to the adaptive performance.

Activision revealed that Call of Duty will make its debut on mobile from October 1st, 2019, launching in most major territories for iOS and Android devices.

Tencent developed

Developed by Tencent, the title is set to feature a battle royale mode, as well as the return of popular characters such as Modern Warfare veterans Simon Riley and John MacTavish and Alex Mason from the Black Ops series.

Any developers wishing to find out any more information can reach out to Samsung via gamedev@samsung,com

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