Gaming Spotlight: Why hybrid monetisation is a sustainable business solution

Join us and Facebook Audience Network for a webinar discussing best hybrid monetisation practices

Gaming Spotlight: Why hybrid monetisation is a sustainable business solution

As games publishers face economic pressures from the pandemic, many are re-evaluating how they can expand revenue streams and acquire and retain users. They need sustainable business models that will carry them into the future so they aren't fully reliant on in-app purchases (IAP).

Now more than ever, in-app ads (IAA) play a critical role. By combining IAP and IAA, publishers can use a hybrid monetisation approach to optimise their revenue. And getting started with ads isn't as complicated as you think. Bidding allows publishers to easily test ads and evaluate their impact without a lot of operational support.

The Webinar

At 3pm BST on Thursday 3rd September, and Facebook Audience Network will host a panel session titled "Beyond IAP: Why Hybrid Monetisation is the Sustainable Business Solution in Gaming" to uncover the research, stories and best practices publishers need to know. host Dave Bradley will be joined by Heath Schindler from Facebook Audience Network and notable gaming publishers across EMEA and NA to discuss:

  • What research tells us about hybrid monetisation
  • Tips for transitioning into ads including the use of bidding and rewarded video
  • Real-life examples of how in-app purchases (IAP) and in-app ads (IAA) successfully work together to drive greater ROI

This 45-minute industry conversation will provide insights on why hybrid monetisation is helping gaming publishers optimise their revenue for the long-term and advise those who are considering making the move into ads.

Join us at live at 3pm BST on Thursday 3rd September 2020, with a follow-up stream at 11am PDT. Choose which time works best for you and sign up now!

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