PGC Digital: Pixel Federations' Train Station 2 has accumulated $25 million in lifetime revenue

The milestone was confirmed by Pixel Federation's Martin Gajarsky

PGC Digital: Pixel Federations' Train Station 2 has accumulated $25 million in lifetime revenue

Pixel Federation has confirmed that mobile railway simulator Train Station 2 has accumulated $25 million.

As confirmed by Pixel Federation senior game designer Martin Gajarsky during PGC Digital #7, the free-to-play title has also earned 20 million lifetime registrations since launching in November 2019.

Gajarsky disclosed the figure during his talk on how the studio doubled its retention in Train Station 2 via one update that added visual storytelling. Additionally, by marketing gameplay and focusing on the creative vision instead of being data-driven, the game witnessed a huge increase in retention.

Founded in 2007, Pixel Federation is the largest developer in Slovakia. The company employs over 250 staff members and was further confirmed to have generated $45 million in revenue across all of its library of titles in 2020. Six of these were noted as free-to-play games. 

All aboard

"Visual progression creates rewarding short term goals," Gajarsky told attendees when explaining the key successes surrounding Train Station 2.

By visualising player progress, users could fulfil their fantasy of being a "railroad tycoon", according to the developer. This, alongside the implementation of story jobs over generated jobs and giving players the freedom of map exploration all contributed to the game's recent surge.

Train Station 2 is available to download across iOS and Android devices

Pixel Federation recently confirmed that it will be expanding by the way of a new office in the Czech Republic.

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