Language learning game Influent lands on iOS devices

Brings new features and language packs

Language learning game Influent lands on iOS devices

Three Flip Studios' immersive language learning game Influent has arrived on iOS devices.

Influent teaches language through exposure to real-world settings, virtually simulated in a gamified environment.

As users continue to use Influent context is gradually added, akin to teaching a child language and vocabulary at home.

Influent has accumulated over 500,000 downloads on Steam.

In the game, users play the role of Andrew Cross, an inventor of a smart device that can scan an object and output its name in any language, the SanjigenJiten.

Users will play mini-games whilst exploring Andrew’s apartment, identifying objects to help memorise both visual and auditory elements of objects in their natural environments. One example of a mini-game is a seek and destroy mode, where players fly a plane around the apartment to destroy the correct objects.

Convenient, smaller sessions

Influent includes native-spoken recordings of hundreds of objects to rival standard flash-card style language learning.

"By launching Influent on mobile, we are adding convenience to the immersive learning experience,” said Three Flip Studios founder and creator of Influent Rob Howland.

"An hour-long session on your computer is great for learning, but mobile devices allow for convenient, smaller sessions during your free time throughout the day. Now you can play while your coffee is brewing, during your train ride to work, or on your lunch break."

Influent features 21 language learning packs, with the new iOS version bringing Polish, Welsh, and Dutch, as well as a revamped German language pack.

Influent is available to download on iOS devices for free and includes French, Italian, and Korean language learning packs. Additional learning packs are available for $3.99 each.

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