ByteBrew partners with Mintegral to offer ad measurements and tracking tools to users

The 2021 startup has accrued 5,000 devs so far

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March 20th, 2023 partnership ByteBrew
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ByteBrew partners with Mintegral to offer ad measurements and tracking tools to users

San Diego-based mobile game analytics platform ByteBrew has officially partnered with global mobile ad platform Mintegral. Through this partnership, ByteBrew will offer Mintegral customers access to analytics and ad attribution measurements.

Said attribution measurements will be made accessible for free to developers of both apps and games using Mintegral for their ad campaigns. Comparatively, many companies which provide similar ad-related information charge up to 15 percent of target install fees on each tracked download.

Eliminating barriers

Through the partnership, another factor Mintegral users are set to benefit from is Bytebrew’s measurements being uncapped. Performance analytics and tracking tools will enable complete end-to-end solutions with a breakdown of individual ad channels and their performance metrics.

In 2021, the ByteBrew open beta attracted more than 1,000 developers following a successful closed alpha. The number of users grew to 2,500 by the start of 2022 and since then, the platform has grown to be used by more than 5,000 developers. Last July alone, ByteBrew analysed more than 600 billion user events.

"We’re incredibly proud of what we've been able to achieve as a team in such a short space of time. Skyrocketing to over 5,000 game developers on ByteBrew within the first year of our launch is an unprecedented achievement and drives us to continue our founding mission of providing everything developers needs to grow their games and apps for free in just one platform. There is so much more we can't wait to announce just around the corner," ByteBrew co-founder and COO Kian Hozouri told us.

"By partnering with Mintegral we’re adding a fantastic new partner to the list of connected attributing networks in our extensive tools, and removing another brick from the walled gardens that prevent a diverse mobile ecosystem from flourishing."

Mintegral GM, Americas Jeff Sue commented: "We are excited to announce we've added ByeBrew as an attribution partner with Mintegral. Their continued growth in the industry is a reflection of how their free, all-in-one platform is uniquely positioned to provide the developers with the tools they need to scale in increasingly challenging marketing conditions, and we're proud to be a partner."

Aiming to scale its team and implement more tools, ByteBrew raised $4 million in October 2022 via a Seed Round.

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