Zebedee adds six new Bitcoin games to its lineup to keep players earning

The play-to-earn platform gains some new options

Zebedee adds six new Bitcoin games to its lineup to keep players earning

In-game blockchain specialist Zebedee has added six new mobile games to its entertainment hub, each of which leverages their play-to-earn gameplay format. Within these games, players are able to earn portions of Bitcoins known as "Sats".

Digging for Bitcoin

As a financial tech company focused on gaming, the New Jersey-based Zebedee knows how blockchain and crypto support a number of titles on mobile, but is also acutely aware of the important difference between using cryptocurrencies as player rewards and using them to circumvent app store fees, as has been seen by some companies in the past.

The six new games on Zebedee’s platform are Bitcoin2048, Bitcoin Cards, Dubbz Arcade, Finke Desert Race Game, Satoshi Goals and Winstreakz. As reported by Mobidictum, the Bitcoin fragments can be saved up and redeemed for gift vouchers, sent to friends, or spent directly in-game.

Bitcoin rewards and Zebedee are no strangers; a partnership with advertising and monetisation platform adjoe this June began enabling players of the latter’s ecosystem to earn Bitcoin rewards without any need for an initial investment, giving newcomers an accessible path into the crypto market.

Then there’s Bitcoin Miner, Zebedee’s play-and-earn mobile game made together with Fumb Games. The title has more than 1 million players who are all able to generate Bitcoin-based rewards for free by engaging with the game. Like the six new titles, this income is convertible into gift cards.

"We’re immensely proud to welcome the latest wave of game developers and titles into the ZBD entertainment mobile app," said Zebedee CEO and co-founder Simon Cowell.

"They chose to adopt the ZBD API in order to offer fast, safe, and trusted monetary rewards and transactions for their players. It’s lightning quick to integrate and, with no technical hurdles for gamers either, it’s a win-win."

Back in 2021, Niantic partnered with Fold to create an AR Bitcoin metaverse experience.

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