AdInMo’s ZBD partnership will pay players Bitcoin in exchange for ad views

The partnership marks a first for their Rewarded InGamePlay and is available to community members now

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October 16th, 2023 partnership AdInMo
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AdInMo’s ZBD partnership will pay players Bitcoin in exchange for ad views

In-game advertising platform AdInMo has officially announced its partnership with fintech company ZBD, bringing the first-ever InGamePlay brand ads with Bitcoin rewards.

In essence, this means that players who see the non-interruptive ads from AdInMo’s platform in-game will be rewarded with small amounts of Bitcoin, accumulated over time and powered by ZBD’s Bitcoin Lightning tech.

Non-interruptive ads have been a source of revenue for hundreds of developers for some time, but sharing this revenue source with players is breaking new ground.

Paying the player?

Through utilising ZBD’s technology, Square Enix’s Ludo Zenith saw an 82% surge in ARPDAU, meanwhile the biggest play-and-earn game Bitcoin Miner increased its day 30 user retention rate tenfold - all by incentivising users to keep on playing for cryptocurrency rewards. Needless to say, the potential with an in-game advertising platform like AdInMo is huge, pairing up click-free targeted ads with financial rewards for players and mobile devs alike.

Developers in the AdInMo community are already able to access the collaborative beta programme as part of their existing SDKs without any further integration requirements; adding Bitcoin rewards is as simple as deciding how to split revenue with players and enabling the function.

Even Niantic has got into the Bitcoin game in recent years, merging crypto elements with its staple augmented reality tech.

AdInMo CEO and co-founder Kristan Rivers said: "We’re always looking for ways to innovate while delivering our core purpose of enhancing player experience. Rewarded ad formats are an established part of hybrid monetisation loved by players and driving excellent revenue for developers.

"ZBD understands the nuances of the games ecosystem and we’re excited to work with them to bring the first release of AdInMo’s powerful new monetisation format, Rewarded InGamePlay to market. With happy, rewarded players the gaming audience is also more valuable to advertisers in terms of attention and engagement."

ZBD chief strategy officer Ben Cousens added: "The model of rewarding players with a share of ad revenue is driving phenomenal success for all of our partners. This is the future of free-to-play engagement. Our partnership with AdInMo streamlines this approach by linking rewards directly into the ads themselves in real-time, a material step-change in this net-positive disruption for games developers."

It has been a busy year for hires at AdInMo as well, from the appointment of ex-Bidstack VP Yasin Dabhelia to the role of VP Programmatic, to veterans of Scopely and Animoca Brands joining as non-executive directors.

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