Pocket Gamer Connects London: The Master the Multiplayer track sponsored by Photon

Hear tips and find new technology for the best multiplayer games on Monday January 22nd

Pocket Gamer Connects London: The Master the Multiplayer track sponsored by Photon

With the 10th anniversary special edition of Pocket Gamer Connects London just a couple of weeks away, we thought it was time to explore the 29-track conference schedule. This January 22nd and 23rd, more than 200 world-class expert speakers will bring you the hottest trends and latest innovations in the global games industry.

You’ll have access to two days of cutting-edge talks, seminars and panel discussions with some of the world's leading authorities covering everything from monetisation and growth strategies, to web3, blockchain and the metaverse.

Don't miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to meet and learn from some of the most exciting companies, brands and individuals in the games industry - tickets are available now.

Between now and when the venue doors open, we’ll share what each track is about, as well as the talented individuals that will lead the sessions.

The Master the Multiplayer track sponsored by Photon

Monday January 22nd

Multiplayer games continue to dominate the charts, captivating gamers worldwide. To excel in this fiercely competitive landscape, consider these essential tips, cutting-edge technology, and the secrets for success.

Master the art of teamwork, leverage innovative game mechanics, harness the power of cloud gaming, embrace cross-platform compatibility, and deliver a seamless, immersive experience. Unleash your potential and conquer the multiplayer arena!

11:10 Tips to Hide & Prevent Network Latency in Real-Time Multiplayer

  • Chris Hong, Chief Developer & Founder at CosmoUniverse

Real-time multiplayer has become a prominent feature in many video games. It serves as a robust foundation for a game's profitability, brand recognition, and company growth. However, in cases where the studio lacks direct experience in developing and servicing real-time multiplayer games, they may encounter various challenges during the development and service process.

Among these challenges, the latency in network communication presents a technically insurmountable limitation due to the constraints of physical electrical transmission speeds. Nevertheless, in real-time multiplayer games, overcoming this obstacle within the game is imperative to maximise user fairness and experience.

In this presentation, Chris Hong, with over 25 years of experience in creating more than 10 real-time multiplayer games, aims to illustrate examples of encountered latency issues and how they were overcome.

11:30 Multiplayer to Maximise Creativity and Revenue

  • Mark Val, Head of Growth at Photon

Multiplayer games are leading the charts and are hard to do. This talk will provide the best practices and tools required to increase your creativity and revenue with multiplayer. Connecting players globally comes with multiple benefits and also its challenges. This talk is for everyone.

12:00 The 10-Year Marathon: From Mobile Beginnings to Quantum Powered PC Multiplayer

  • Michael Hoyos, CEO at SRG Studios
  • Jorge Castillo, Studio Director & Co-Founder at SRG Studios

Join us on a 10-year journey, charting our progression from mobile MOBA gaming and hypercasual origins to the exciting world of Quantum-powered multiplayer. Explore valuable lessons, accumulated know-how, and guiding principles that have shaped our path, leading to the dynamic multiplayer experience of Champion Shift.

12:20 Beyond Play: Innovating in Multiplayer Game Development

  • Chris Hong, Chief Developer & Founder at CosmoUniverse
  • Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, CEO at CCP Games
  • Mark Val, Head of Growth at Photon

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