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How to survive a user acquisition nightmare

The App-ocalypse is here. Here's a handy guide on how to survive the chaos of audience targeting

How to survive a user acquisition nightmare

We’re living in a strange new world with app marketers finding it harder than ever to identify new, interested users that are willing to pay.

Apple is restricting IDFAs, while Google continues its phase-out of third-party cookies. Results from user acquisition campaigns are declining. App marketers are restricted by increasing limitations on their ability to filter third-party and ad platform data. Creating and reaching meaningful numbers of new high value users is now a major obstacle to every app developer’s growth strategy.

Unable to run targeted ads that convert a high number of new payers has led to a strange new world where marketing teams are faced with diminishing returns and unreachable users.

If we can’t target new paying audiences then the bottom line will be affected, and we’ll be stuck in an App-ocalypse of ever decreasing returns.

A hard app marketing job is now harder than ever

In this era of the App-ocalypse, finding a reliable way of getting your social ads to a new audience who go on to pay in your apps is more of a challenge than ever. We know there is success in targeting based on demographics and psychographics. But those segments of people who have similar characteristics and habits to our current paying users are getting smaller and harder to reach as users opt out from tracking.

The gold standard – reaching people who have already made in-app purchases – results in the biggest positive impact on campaign conversion rate. But, beyond retargeting, what scalable options are left for targeting ads using purchase behavior?

There is some good news: you are not alone. Thousands of app developers who rely on in-app purchases for a living are going through the same 'App-ocalyptic nightmare'. Luckily for us, one intrepid app developer may just have found out how to wake-up from this nightmare. This is someone who knows what it’s like to be on the receiving end of all this and has been working tirelessly to find a solution.

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