Fortnite sees a record 15.3 million players at the end of its Marvel event

3.4 million people watched on Twitch and YouTube

Fortnite sees a record 15.3 million players at the end of its Marvel event

Fortnite experienced a record 15.3 million concurrent players as they fought Galactus in the finale of the battle royale Marvel event.

As detailed on Twitter (below), the fight against the cosmic entity proved to be the biggest in-game event ever for Epic Games' title.

Furthermore, on top of the 15.3 million players that took part, a further 3.4 million caught the action on YouTube and Twitch.

However, the story between Fortnite and Marvel is far from over, as Epic Games worldwide creative director Donald Mustard explained that the game has "many years" to go with its hero-based storyline.


This year has been full of partnerships for Fortnite. The most recent of which was with esports organisation 100 Thieves, as the squad's Cash App Compound was added to the Fortnite Creative's Welcome Hub.

Moreover, the battle royale has played host to numerous music artists this year. The first of which was Travis Scott. He was followed by BTS and J Balvin.

Last month, a new subscription service for Epic's title, dubbed Fortnite Crew, was officially announced.

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