Tomb Raider Reloaded unearths a soft launch

New action-arcade title set to launch in 2021

Tomb Raider Reloaded unearths a soft launch

Emerald City Games has soft-launched Tomb Raider Reloaded, the new action-arcade adventure starring Lara Croft.

Announced back in November 2020, the Canadian studio partnered with Square Enix London on the original outing which will see the return of Lara's signature dual pistols, classic tomb hunting and supernatural encounters.

Tomb Raider Reloaded is currently available to download in Thailand and the Philippines on iOS and Android devices, as confirmed by Square Enix to Further territories are expected to receive the game before a full global launch takes place later in 2021.

The free-to-play experience looks to take some inspiration from the original Tomb Raider titles with developers of the 2013 reboot, Crystal Dynamics, contributing to the project in some form - although, the studio is not directly involved.

"Tomb after tomb"

"Lara Croft blasts onto mobile in an arcade adventure like no other," reads the official game description.

"From underground tombs and caves to familiar waterfalls, traverse and backflip through epic environments in unique adventurous experiences," the text continues.

"Use your smarts to carefully dodge hazards and traps in each room, solving puzzles to gain access to menacing bosses (is that a T-Rex I hear...?). Learn new skills, gain mystical powers, equip gear and level up to become the ultimate Tomb Raider!"

With the Tomb Raider franchise set to celebrate its 25th anniversary in October 2021, it's possible a release may coincide with that date.

Square Enix has been utilising mobile more than ever, recently revealing that two new Final Fantasy games would debut on the platform in the next year or so.

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