Vulcron partners with ADInMo for Pixel Strike 3D monetisation

Earning more plus better retention

Vulcron partners with ADInMo for Pixel Strike 3D monetisation

Advertising platform AdInMo has partnered with Canadian developer Vulcron to introduce ads to Pixel Strike 3D.

AdInMo's platform offers non-invasive, click-free advertising, meaning the player experience is not hindered.

"We're excited to be working with the team at AdInMo to drive incremental revenue for Pixel Strike 3D without impacting our players' experience," said Vulcron partner Brandon Smith.

"We've worked with AdInMo's in-house design team to test the optimal ad viewability that works for the fast-paced nature of our game."

On average, a player session in Vulcron's title lasts for 45 minutes, which means that AdInMo can offer up to 90 minutes of brand advertising per user through multiple placements.

Better together

Pixel Strike 3D is a mobile first-person shooter.

Thus it is a good candidate for brand ads due to its environmental design, such as the use of billboards and city-style sidewalks.

"InGamePlay brand advertising helps developers of all genres earn incremental revenue and supports player retention because the ads don't force players to leave the game," said AdInMo CEO and co-founder Kristan Rivers.

"Pixel Strike 3D is a great example of how rich 3D environments monetise well with native in-game ads.

"Players spend a lot of time exploring and customising, which maximises eyeballs for brand advertisers and Average Revenue Per Daily Active User (ARPDAU) for developers."

Vulcron is just the latest in a line of partnerships to be formed by AdInMo. Earlier this year, the company teamed with Lemma Technologies and global mobile ads firm InMobi.

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