exmox acquires Testerheld to develop new portfolio features and content

Developing platforms and generating new features

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May 13th, 2022 acquisition Exmox
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exmox acquires Testerheld to develop new portfolio features and content

Hamburg-based games marketing platform exmox has acquired German platform Testerheld, with plans to integrate it into the company’s portfolio.

Seeking to become the largest provider of product and game tests in Germany, exmox has more than four million registered users and aims to expand its marketing ability with Testerheld, tailoring its services within product testing.

Making moves

Earlier this year, exmox acquired the consumer platform, which has nearly three million product testers. Moving forward, the company intends to continue developing its recently acquired platforms and generate new features.

exmox intends to localise its content to improve availability for the testing community.

"Due to the high level of expertise in online marketing, we at exmox are gradually developing into a modern full-service agency that scores with excellent, spot-on customer support, while setting state-of-the-art standards," said exmox CEO Caglar Eger.

"Through the recent acquisitions of and Testerheld, we are successively expanding our existing portfolio and will be able to establish ourselves in the market with sustainable growth in the long term," said exmox founder and COO Alper Eger.

exmox CMO Manuel Tolle added: "In the future, we will continue to focus on a healthy expansion of our company and prioritise the support of our customers at the highest level."

Also in Germany, game developer Chimera Entertainment has recently hired Stefan Dieckmann as its new head of development.

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