Nintendo Switch sales have more than doubled in the UK since last year

Likely due to the lockdown

Nintendo Switch sales have more than doubled in the UK since last year

Sales for the Nintendo Switch in the UK have more than doubled for H1 year-on-year.

As reported by Video Game Chronicle, the surge in units shifted occurred in March, through April and ultimately peaked in May. The reason for the increased interest in the hardware is likely down to the coronavirus outbreak, as many people worldwide found themselves stuck at home in lockdown.

However, there was an issue with Switch production over the past few months, although this is back on track now. It got to a point where people were using bots to purchase the consoles that were available, only to sell them on at an inflated price.

Impressive numbers

In Q1 2020, the Japanese firm's hardware sales experienced a growth of two per cent year-on-year as it generated $773 million. On top of this, the Nintendo Switch had the best quarter one sales for any console since the 3DS in 2010.

The number of consoles sold this year was no doubt helped by not only the lockdown, but the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons in March. The Switch exclusive shifted 11.77 million copies in 11 days.

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