The London Games Festival 2020 will be online-only

Refunds will be issued for ticket holders

The London Games Festival 2020 will be online-only

The London Games Festival has adopted a digital-only format.

As reported by Evening Standard, the move has been made due to health concerns around the Covid-19 outbreak. As a result, tickets for the event will be refunded.

"Games professionals will have the chance to conduct meetings online via video calls on a new digital meeting platform," said a spokesperson for Games London.

"Studios can pitch to investors, while a range of experts on a variety of topics, including how to contingency plan in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, will be available for video calls."

The spokesperson continued: "All Games London events within the London Games Festival will be fully refunded – and we know that BAFTA is refunding, Now Play This are also refunding, and EGX are honouring the tickets."

The event is scheduled to take place from March 26th-April 6th.

Digital future

Multiple organisers have turned to digital media as a means to keep events going. Last week, Apple confirmed its WWDC 2020 event would be online only.

Following GDC's cancellation, the event organisers confirmed that recorded talks from event speakers would be streamed. Furthermore, Microsoft and Ubisoft have looked into digital options after E3 got the chop.

The BAFTA Game Awards will also take an online approach due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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